Our Story

Welcome to Rails and Ales.

The family-run business started in 1996 at the Paradise Billiards, on the second floor at 777 Danforth ave (the old Alexander the Great mall).  For six years, Alkis and his son Len established themselves as a go-to spot for pool on the Danforth with over 5000 square feet and over 20 pool tables, pool players congregated upstairs in the smoke-filled pool room which was open 24 hours. As the story goes when they decided to start closing overnight nobody could find a key to lock up.

Unfortunately, after many successful years, the business had to relocate when the landlord sold the property for redevelopment in the fall of 2001.  

In the summer of 2002, the operation was moved across the street. At 752 Danforth Ave on the main floor and with fewer pool tables (4) and more draft choices, while adding more food options, it was time for a different name to establish.  This is where Rails and Ales Billiard Lounge was born.  For nine years Rails and Ales left its mark on the east side of Greektown for pool and sporting events.  Building up a new clientele while still catering to many from the pool hall days. In 2011 after many rent increases it was time to make another decision that would help keep Rails and Ales prosperous when an opportunity arose at 1106 Danforth ave.  The old Hargrave Pub property was for sale and after months of negotiations, the deal was struck to purchase the property and move Rails and Ales further east on the Danforth between Greenwood and Donlands.

July 5th, 2011 Rails and Ales Pub opened welcoming in once again a new era with new clientele while still close enough to the old location to keep some of our most loyal customers and friends.  2021 will mark 25 years in the hospitality industry on the Danforth and Rails and Ales will celebrate its tenth year at the current location.  The Rails and Ales family thanks everyone for the continued support throughout the past, present, and future as we hope 2021 will be our best year yet.